How Jodi-vac Vacuum Systems Work
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Your Hearing Aid(s) will weaken and become “dead” with the accumulation of things like:

Ear oil, ear wax, skin, moisture, dirt, dust, sweat, hair oil, and there is more. It is what we call "Debris".

How does our vacuum work? Quite simply, just like any vacuum cleaner you have used. Jodi-Consumer removes this Debris from the openings on your Hearing Aid that collect this Debris.

I am a Senior Hearing Instrument Technician. I see so many hearing aids filled with Debris, under my microscope. I know you are probably not Hearing Aid Technicians, but if you are aware of what you are doing, have the ability to put a stick in a hole — every day — you can do this at any age. The results will be dramatic over time.

There are rules you must understand before purchasing this product.

These rules apply to you and some apply
to the Hearing Care Professionals.

  • This product should never be used to clean your ears
  • This product is intended to maintain new or newly repaired hearing aids
  • You run the risk of dislodging the receiver tube on an older aid. You may be just fine, but be advised; your hearing aid just may need servicing.
  • Never put pressure on the microphone, you will dislodge it from the faceplate. It is best if you just go over the opening, unless you have a firm understanding of what no pressure on the microphone means.
  • Hold the filter as you would a pen, vacuum slowly, and use no force, just gently vacuum
  • To be truly successful, you must vacuum at least once a day, because you cannot see in these small openings, it’s more of a feel thing, and you want to keep the accumulation and size of the debris small. Besides — what you miss today, you will get tomorrow. We are talking about a minute of time a day.
  • If you did not understand this terminology, the parts to clean or feel uncertain about doing this task, you should feel free to consult with your Hearing Care Professional.
The Jodi-vac Needle Vacuum System has been field tested and proven effective in removing debris and moisture from all styles of hearing instruments. A special tip fits into the hearing aid removing debris and storing it in a disposable filter assembly.
Clean Filter Assemblies (outside tubes)
Dirty Filter Assemblies (inside tubes)

Over time, components may fail and circuits may wear out, which will warrant a trip to a Hearing Aid Technician. By keeping your hearing aids debris- and moisture-free with Jodi-vac Vacuum Systems will extend the life of your hearing aids and make their daily performance more reliable and comfortable. It just makes good sense!

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Debris and the Hearing Aid's Microphone

As debris (ear wax, dead skin, dirt), accumulates in a hearing aid's microphone, the microphone loses its sensitivity and gets noisier (more feedback) and weaker (sound cannot be effectively processed).

Accumulating Debris
Clogged with Debris
Debris-Free After
Jodi-vac Vacuuming
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