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jodi-vac jodi-consumer hearing aid cleaner vacuum home use

New! Our first Jodi vacuum system for the consumer! Jodi-Consumer is a compact, portable, affordable hearing aid cleaning solution that helps keep your hearing aids clean. Take a few minutes each night or as often as you need to ensure that you are removing waxbefore it builds up and requires professional service. You do not need to see in these tiny openings, it is more of a gentle “feel your way” when vacuuming. When done every day you can be sure that “What you miss today, you will get tomorrow."

$147.00 ea

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Warranty 1 year warranty for personal use, 3 month warranty for professional use.

Warranty is void if filter is tampered with or damage is incurred through abuse, dropping, or poor packaging on user's part should factory servicing be required.

Needles and filters are not included in 1 yr warranty.

Size Box measures 4.5”x 7.25”x 3” tall.
Pump Vacuum is 18 inches of mercury.
Electrical All components operate at 12VDC. Power supply is a small desktop Energy Star transformer. It accepts ac voltage from 100-240vac, operating at 50/60Hz converting to 12VDC. Inerchangeable ac cords are available as required.
Vacuum Filter is replaceable, non-serviceable.

Wax collects in filter and home use should get 6 months service.

Ball located behind filter is a flow indicator.
jodi-vac vacuum needle consumer model BTE hearing aids Black Needle
for BTE Molds
$3.90 ea
jodi-vac vacuum needle consumer Open Fit or Open Ear hearing aids Blue Needle
for Thin Tube (Open Ear)
$8.70 ea
jodi-vac jodi-consumer hearing aid reamer Reamer
for Blue Needle
$0.80 ea
jodi-pro-9-volt-battery-pack Jodi-Pro Battery Pack Uses two 9-volt batteries, standard or rechargable $8.50 ea
jodi-vac car automobile power adaptor Auto Power Adaptor $15.80 ea
Replacement Parts
jodi-vac vacuum needle consumer model ITE ITC CIC hearing aids Pink Needle
$3.80 ea
jodi-vac jodi-consumer hearing aid reamer Reamer
for pink and/or black needle
$0.80 ea
jodi-vac jodi-consumer hearing aid vacuum filter package of 3 Filters - Package of 3 $8.00 ea
jodi-vac jodi-consumer hearing aid vacuum filter package of 6 Filters - Package of 6
$13.40 pk
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